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When You Just Know

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Trained by the Child

My oldest child has never followed the normal curve that all pediatricians and school professionals say a child should follow. At each and every pediatrician visit, I would watch them go through the motions of listening to his heart, lungs, and stomach; Even move his limbs around, assess his spine, and ask basic questions regarding if he was drinking enough milk or getting enough sleep. Then they would ask me if I had concerns, I did, but I was not sure how to articulate them much less know if I really needed to just ask for a more thorough evaluation. Finally, after several years of telepathically communicating with my child and living by a strict daily schedule, which my child trained us to live, “I asked for something to be done.” The solution was speech therapy.

The Path

The speech and language center where we were referred did identify that my son was indeed behind, but never eluded to anything else. It was not until I went school shopping for the “right school” that I knew, raising my child would be an uphill battle. Thankfully, I did find a school where it appeared that it would be the “right fit”, but soon after a year and a half, I found that some teachers are just incapable of not only compassion, but lack the level of understanding needed to educate children who learn differently. So, I finally took matters into my own hands and began a journey of reading anything I could get my a hold of regarding learning challenges with children. During my studies, I was able to learn what my child had, what steps were needed to be taken, and then I learned how to take control of my child’s educational path that I use even this day. I am happy to say that my child is not just surviving, but thriving in a private school while taking classes such as Algebra and Latin.

Family Matters

This blog was created to help anyone who knows deep down inside that their child is unique. I call each child unique because no two children, whether they follow the normal path or not, learn each and every subject matter the same. Your experience does not need to be painful like mine. I will share stories of things I have encountered and handled really well to situations where they had me pouring several glasses of wine wondering how I was going to help my child through it. I will show you step by step all the things that you need to do in order to have success in not only finding the correct professionals, but to designing a template in which you can use to help you and your family navigate through the confusing world of raising a unique child in the school system, private, public or even homeschooling. You have control in your child’s learning, so take it back into your own hands and help them succeed.

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